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  • DLS PG College
    Ashok Nagar, Sarkanda
    Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
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D.L.S. P.G. College Bilaspur

Under UGC Act 2(f) & 12(B)
Affiliated to Bilaspur University

D.L.S. P.G. College Welcomes You...

D.L.S. College was established in 1997 in the memory of Late Dashrath Lal Sharma by Mr. Basant Sharma. It is a co-educational institution where rich education is imparted among the students, which makes them knowledgeable in varied subjects. We know that knowledge is power. This world is a lock and knowledge is the only key for it. A student’s future depends on the kind of education which he gets from the school and college. This college has taken up the responsibility of imparting necessary, effective and practical education to the students, so that they can reach great heights and attain maximum achievements in their life.

From the Desk of Chairman

God has created this world and human being is the wonderful creation of god. God has given us the power to think and the sense of rationality. It depends on us, how we are using this power. To be the successful in one's life and to reach one's own definite goal, one should be punctual in time and must have patience. Punctuality makes a man's life disciplined.

From the Desk of Principal

सरस्वती महाभागे, विद्ये कमल लोचने। विश्व-रूपे विशालाक्षे, विद्यां देहि नमोऽस्तुते।
भारत भूमि पृथ्वी का स्वर्ग है। यह ज्ञानभूमि, कर्मभूमि, धर्मभूमि है, पुण्यभूमि है। इस भूमि में अवतरित होने वाला शिशु जन्म से ही संस्कारवान, ज्ञानवान व कर्म के प्रति समर्पित होता है। जिसे किंचित प्रयास से ही सब कुछ सुलभ हो सकता है।

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