Welcome to D.L.S. College Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh | email: info@dlscollege.com

Establishment Year: 1997

Founder: Shri Basant Sharma

Principal: Dr. Ajay Tiwari

Location: Bilaspur (C.G.)

Campus: Rural

Recognised By: UGC 2F, 12B

Affiliated By: Bilaspur University


D.L.S. College was established in 1997 in the memory of Late Dashrath Lal Sharma by Mr. Basant Sharma. It is a co-educational institution where rich education is imparted among the students, which makes them knowledgeable in varied subjects. We know that knowledge is power. This world is a lock and knowledge is the only key for it. A studentís future depends on the kind of education which he gets from the school and college. This college has taken up the responsibility of imparting necessary, effective and practical education to the students, so that they can reach great heights and attain maximum achievements in their life.

Vision of the College

Uplifting socially and economically backward students upon a strong foundation of secular and humanitarian world view. This institution strives to eradicate all elements of social obscurantism in relation to the caste of gender bias. Our mission is to expand the modern scientific education along with value oriented curriculum. Our goal and objective is to impart higher education to the eligible youths irrespective of caste, religion and gender.