The Regular Practice of Providing Better Facilities

Facility details

  •  A safe and secure campus (Biometric, CCTV, Fire Safety equipment, etc.)
  •  A clean and green campus (Solar panels, lush green gardens etc.)
  •  High speed Wi-Fi campus
  •  State of the arts sports corridor (Basket Ball, Cricket, Volley Ball, Badminton etc.)
  •  DLS Health Center (Free consultation for DLS students).
  •  E-Lab and Smart Classes.
  •  Free of cost skill development courses.
  •  DLS Fitness center and Gym (Yoga Aerobics Body building etc.)
  •  A hygienic Cafeteria, Stationary, Auditorium, Two wheeler and four wheeler parking
  •  Art and dance studio, Audio visual teaching, N.S.S. Unit, Research facility, Scholarships
  •  Specially able friendly campus.
  •  Modern comfortable class rooms.
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