D.L.S. College was established on 12 September of 1997 at the initiative of some academic entrepreneurs with a definite objective to impart knowledge and skill to the young generation of the area. Along with those academicians, enthusiasts from all sections of the society also rendered their active co-operation in this selfless venture. 

This College is continuously trying to render education to the students of both rural & urban area. Special attention is being given to the female students. Varied encouragements are being provided especially to the female students to educate their future generation. People from all the sections of the society extended their helping hands in this selfless venture. 

We are very much grateful to all those persons who helped us directly or indirectly to flourish this institution from a bud to a flower.

Vision & Values

To be a distinctive and innovative institution of national significance; an institution with a pivotal role in the educational, economical, social, cultural and environmental infrastructure of its region and which reaches out to the people of the marginalised sections and the rest of nation through its research and teaching.


  • To foster quality education and high moral standards.
  • To elevate the academic level and to transform youths into citizens with educational, moral, cultural and social values.
  • To incorporate the latest scientific and technological development.
  • To provide conducive environment for creativity, research and skill development.
  • To provide equal opportunity to all.
  • To serve the students belonging to weaker community.​
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